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Idealic core team

Dan Palmer

Dan Palmer

Business Buffalo, Co-founder

Dan is happiest at a whiteboard, pontificating about new business models, product development, strategic digital transformation, speculative venture designs and strategy, product visions and road-maps, designing and delivering CX, and operational improvements. In his downtime, he draws caricatures of his teammates.   

Tuuli Haapio

Tuuli Haapio

Creative Clownfish, Co-founder

Tuuli is always on the hunt for clever concepts and beautiful aesthetics, and she studies the way that people interact with them. She believes that good design is more than form or function: it tells a story and evokes a feeling. Nothing makes her happier than to see her sketches and drawings come to life.

At our core, we are adventurers and explorers who do not believe that making a few tweaks is what innovation is all about. To us, innovation requires something new, something bold, something overlooked, that will allow you to rewrite the rules.

Technology has become ubiquitous and is no longer a competitive advantage. But what you do with tech, how you engage your customers, and how you craft new business models will define success.

That’s what we mean when we say business design and creative futures. From launching a new product to founding a new venture, if you know where you are going, you are never lost.