Helping Companies Navigate the Digital Landscape

The team at Idealic has decades of experience helping companies both large and small articulate their visions and create their futures.

Digital Strategy



A series of provocative thought pieces about several industries that connected changes in the competitive landscape to emerging business opportunities for both Microsoft and their clients. What initially started as a speculative paper about the implications of Artificial Intelligence on Financial services workflows quickly bloomed into an entire collection of works encompassing everything from Manufacturing to Modern Workforce management. This set of papers was the underpinning for Global Marketing Message framework from 2017 through 2019.



Confronted with an increase in demand and a paradoxical decrease in Net Promoter Score, Boeing commissioned a design sprint to help clarify the future business opportunities for travel. What arose was a re-framing of the user experience of an airport, including new monetization strategies while remaining behind the scenes. The deliverable was a customer experience and road map exploration centered on data and logistics. When everything is an ‘as-a-Service’, features and benefits become secondary.

Business Design



An exploration by Samsung about a new venture proposal, new business line, and new Go-to-Market strategy for the emerging smart home market. We approached the challenge from the lenses of desirability, viability, and feasibility to address user requirements while competing in a highly fractured ecosystem. The end result convinced leadership to shift from offering products to offering experiences while utilising current position in the marketplace.



Provided business guidance and a formalized ideation process to help a distributed team launch a new startup. Explored visual identities, identified different potential markets, and built business cases around initial service offerings in preparation for investor pitch. Crafted initial Go-to-Market motions and operational frameworks.

Product and Brand Identity



Formulated future trends, identified visual strategy of new collection, structured product design and marketing offerings that communicated the Nanso’s uniqueness, while remaining focused on the customer.